From gamer to programmer

When I was a young lad, I used to play a mind numbing amount of games. At some point I thought it would be an awesome job to build a game. So I chose to do Computer Engineering, to learn the nitty gritty basics of building software and ultimately to build a game. Three years later and I still have no idea what I’m doing.

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Update: Week #1 of 30 day challenge

Hello people of the interwebs!

If you didn’t know already I have started one of those 30 day challenges that people seem to be getting into nowadays. This challenge involves giving up one of the things I love doing most. Playing games. It’s been almost a week now and I just want to give you guys an update.

Starting a challenge during uni holidays is probably the worst time to do so. I have an ample amount of time on my hands and I’m also working at a shop that sells games. I can feel the game gods conspiring against me. Every time I work, I’m reminded how much fun Skyrim is or how good it feels to smash a purple dildo over someones head in Saints Row. After a long week I found out that I could borrow games from the store. Imagine having a library of games that you could just borrow for any reasonable length of time. It’s gamer heaven.

It’s okay though. I know I won’t give into this temptation. Who needs gamer heaven when you can spend your time outside in the burning sun, doing physical activity that makes you really sore in the morning. I certainly don’t.

Bethesda developed the Creation Engine for Sky...

Skyrim beckons... Image via Wikipedia

Six days over 24 to go. Are you giving yourself a challenge at the moment?

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Youtube Video of the day! Skyrim 2012

Alright if you guys don’t already know, I’m a very big fan of Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and as I was looking through Skyrim mod videos on youtube today I found this gem.

I’ve always wondered what Skyrim would look like in real life and here it is. Absolutely awesome!

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30 day challenge: No gaming

Okay this post might seem pretty contradictory to the whole idea of my blog being about games, but somewhere during my 8 hour session of defeating snow bears and dragons in Skyrim to shouting FUS RO DAH around the house, I realised that I needed a break.

Playing games is fun and rewarding but in the end all you do is sit in a chair for hours upon hours staring at a computer screen moving your fingers. That’s valuable time spent doing other things like watching youtube videos, catching up with the latest episode of Community or interacting with real people! So I decided to do one of those 30 day challenges that Matt Cutts has done.

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The magical Penicorn

A unicorn with a penis

Who even thinks of this?

This has been something I’ve wanted to share for a while. My friend received this wonderful toy as a 21st birthday present and it has been haunting our house ever since. During parties I like to use this as a conversation starter “hey have you seen our penicorn. It has two penises”. It either really works or they look at me in disgust and walk away. After a quick search for “penicorn” in google, I found out the NG store stocks these babies at $15.00. The real story of the penicorn begins with:

The “Magical Penicorn” is known to grant its owner wishes and long-lasting virility.

If this doesn’t want to make you buy one I don’t know what will. Again this was just a post with one of the weird item that are floating around in our household.

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Home alone: Blissful solitude or Crazy cat lady?

The first week of a new year marks something momentous for me, the arrival of buddies. No more lonely nights, no more bored afternoons and no more alone time. There’s a fine balance between being excited to be alone, to being alone and buying 5 cats to keep you company. Near the end of 2011 I was erring on the latter. Nevertheless, there are some things that I will miss about being home alone.

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